Catatone is a progressive metal/rock band based out of Seattle, WA. Since their first show in mid 2010 they have attracted attention every time they play. With a fresh new sound their live shows are energetic and entertain at higher level, gaining them a solid growing fan base.


Jeff Stark and Manny Rojas are the remaining cofounders. In April of 2011 Mike Milsom joined the band after the lead guitar spot became available and in March of 2012 Rene Monjaras was asked to join the band. Just recently in July of 2013, Catatone was proud to announce Chad Thomas will be the new bass player. Catatone has had the pleasure of playing most all the best venues in Seattle and have shared the stage with Geoff Tate's Queensryche, Jeff Loomis, Lizzy Borden, Malfunkshun, and Windowpane. There is never a dull moment around them and the great chemistry is obvious. Highly requested studio material will be out in the next few months. The new chapter begins now!

Jeff Stark (lead vocals)     Mike Milsom (guitar,vocal)     Chad Thomas (bass)    
 Manny Rojas (keyboards)     Rene Monjaras (drums)


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